The Ultimate North Shore Chicago High School District Home Guide

When planning your home search in North Shore Chicago, you may be looking at homes within a specific high school district. North Shore Chicago has some of the best performing school districts in the state of Illinois. Most High Schools (grades 9-12) are usually determined at the Township level. However, School district lines are complex and can change from time to time. If a specific school district is important to you, you should always confirm the assigned school district with the school district itself before submitting an offer on a property. We have created our North Shore Chicago High School District Home Guide to give all parents a head start on their high school district home search.

Explore North Shore Chicago High School Districts

Deerfield High School District

Deerfield High School is a highly rated school in Deerfield, IL that is part of district 113. The high school serves the Deerfield, Riverwoods, and Bannockburn communities. There is a “choice zone” west of route 41 in Highland Park. Prospective students from this area can choose to attend Deerfield High School or Highland Park High School.

Students are required to take a variety of classes for graduation requirements. Deerfield High School students should take applied arts, English, fine arts, health, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies, and traffic safety. In addition, students must pass the constitution exam, Consumer Education, Economics, and Introduction to Business to graduate.

Besides graduation requirements, there are incredible electives for students to choose from. Some notable academic courses are Academic Literacy, Aquatic and Marine Science, Creative Communications, iOS App Development, Issues in Modern American Society.

There’s an athletic team for any boy or girl’s interest at Deerfield High School. Students can choose from badminton, bowling, cross country, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and more!

For a well-rounded resume, there’s a club to join for everyone at Deerfield High School. Fun activities include Anime Club, Chess Club, Fencing, Girls Coding club, Moving club, Robotics, Student Congress, Stage Crew, and Theater. Start searching for Deerfield High School District Homes for Sale.

Evanston High School District

Evanston Township High School is a top-rated school in Evanston, IL part of district 202. This high school services all of Evanston. It also services a small northeastern part of Skokie, just east of McCormick Road. The 65-acre campus houses well-qualified teachers and endless academic opportunities for students.

Students have typical graduation requirements such as English, math, social studies, and physical education. Evanston Township students also have the chance to take unique required courses like Civics, Wellness Education, and Career & Technical education.

Evanston Township takes a career-oriented approach to coursework. Hardworking students have the option to choose between seven different career pathways when choosing their courses. Eager students can get a head start on a career in Arts and Communications, Information Technology, Agriculture, and more!

ETHS has competitive athletics, often taking home state titles. Baseball, basketball, badminton, football, soccer, and track are available. Students can even try table tennis or Ultimate Frisbee Club! There are even summer camps for students who want to play their sport all year long.

No matter what a student’s interest, there’s a club for them at ETHS. Clean water club, E-Town Idol, Movie Review Club, and Women in STEM provide interesting resume builders for students. Whether it’s the school newspaper or the school government, there’s something for everyone. Start searching for Evanston High School District Homes for Sale.

Glenbrook North High School

Glenbrook North High School is in Northbrook, IL, and part of district 225. The top-rated high school services several large areas. Prospective Glenbrook North High School students live in the corporate boundaries of Northbrook, Glenview north of Village Road, and the unincorporated area north of Willow Road.

Students will take the typical graduation requirements of English, math, science, social studies, and Consumer Education. Parents will be happy to know that Drivers Education is included in graduation requirements, so no outside lessons are necessary. Electives are plentiful too. Students have the choice of taking exciting courses like Psychology for Living, Culinary Arts: Baking and Pastry, Welding, Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms, and Chicago History.

No matter what your student’s athletic interest, there is a sports team for them at Glenbrook North. Students can play badminton, cross country, bowling, track, golf, volleyball, water polo, and much more. Boys also have a baseball and football team, while girls have cheerleading and pom-poms.

GBN takes after-school activities seriously. Staff encourages students to stop by the Student Activities Office if they’re unsure what to join. Competition activities like speech and debate will engage students eager to compete and think persuasively. Philanthropic activities allow interested students to mentor elementary students in After School All-Stars. Start searching for Glenbrook North High School District Homes for Sale.

Glenbrook South High School

Glenbrook South High School is in Glenview, IL, and part of district 225. The exceptionally rated high school serves the vast majority of Glenview, except for some homes south of Central Road. Glenbrook South also serves the village of Golf.

Graduation requirements for Glenbrook South include English, math, science, social studies, physical education, and Consumer Education. Students should also be prepared to take two years of writing courses and Driver’s Education. GBS also requires several applied and fine arts courses like Digital Graphic Design, Introduction to Broadcasting, or Argumentation and Debate. Other fun electives include Woodworking, Construction Skills, AP Computer Science, and Interior Design.

Well-rounded GBS students have many athletic teams to choose from. Boys and girls have badminton, cross country, bowling, gymnastics track, golf, volleyball, water polo, and much more. Boys also have a baseball and football team, while girls have field hockey and pom poms.

Even if sports aren’t for your student, there are over 100 clubs and organizations to join at GBS. Performers can rejoice that there is a Comedy Troupe club and a Chamber Singers club. Students with a particular interest can meet new friends at Anime Club, Knitting Club, and Yoga & Mindfulness Club! Start searching for Glenbrook South High School District Homes for Sale.

Highland Park High School

Highland Park High School is in Highland, IL, and part of Township High School District 113. This excellent high school serves the Highland and Highwood communities. There is a “choice zone” west of route 41 in Highland Park. Prospective students can choose to attend Deerfield High School or Highland Park High School if they reside in this area.

To graduate from Highland Park High School, students take English, math, science, history, and health education courses. It’s up to the student to choose their applied arts, fine arts, and social studies electives. Students can take informative and fun electives like Financial Accounting, Business Law, Fashion and Interior Design, Individual and Career Development, and much more!

With more than 30 sports teams, students stay active at Highland Park High School. From fall to spring, there are enough sports teams to keep students engaged all school year long. Students can choose from basketball, cross country, gymnastics, field hockey, swimming and diving, tennis, water polo.

Over 70 clubs and activities keep students engaged after school. The Fine Arts program puts on multiple plays a year and offers performance art coursework for students. Students can also join Fencing Club, Mock Trial, Investment Club, Human Rights Club, or Baking Club. Start searching for Highland Park High School District Homes for Sale.

New Trier High School

New Trier High School is a part of district 203. The freshman campus is located in Northfield, IL, and grades 10 through 12 are located at the Wilmette, IL campus. The high school serves many communities including Glencoe, Kenilworth, Wilmette, and Winnetka. A small portion of Glenview and Northfield east of Harms road also attend New Trier High School.

New Trier ranks very highly in the state of Illinois for academic achievement. Students receive rigorous coursework in their required English, mathematics, social studies, and science courses. Students have a choice in kinetic health, fine or practical arts, and consumer education electives. Exciting electives like Sociology in Action, Creative Cuisine, Symphony Orchestra, Introduction to Engineering Design, and Digital Photography keep students engaged.

There’s a team for everyone at New Trier High School. There are over 35 teams to choose from. Students can play basketball, baseball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, rowing, track & field, soccer, wrestling, and more.

New Trier is known for its commitment to teaching fine arts. The arts program made the top 25 in the United States. Students learn from the very best in performing arts. For students who’d rather not perform, there are over 150 clubs. Choose from Art Club, French Club, Robotics Club, or Young Entrepreneur’s Club. Start searching for New Trier High School District Homes for Sale.

Niles North High School

Niles North High School is in Skokie, IL and a part of district 219. The top-rated school is located at 9800 North Lawler Street. Niles North serves parts of Skokie, Morton Grove, and Lincolnwood. Students who live north of Dempster Street will largely attend Niles North, opposed to Niles West.

Niles North prides itself on taking a career-oriented path to its coursework. Students are encouraged to take their necessary coursework through a career pathway. Niles North student will get a head start on a career in Arts and Communication, Health Sciences and Technology, or Finance and Business Services! Their chosen pathway gives them guidance on their graduation requirements as well as fun electives like Zoology, Broadcasting Production, and Business Tech.

The athletics at Niles North provide enrichment from fall through spring. Boys teams include baseball, bowling, football, golf, wrestling, and volleyball. Girls also have basketball, cross country, golf, gymnastics, and volleyball. Coed sports like bass fishing and competitive dance can engage everyone!

The pathway system encourages students to join clubs that will make them well-rounded for their future career. Students can join Debate, Fashion Club, North Star News to balance out their studies. Students can also join a special interest club like Animal Club or Crochet Club to meet friends. Start searching for Niles North High School District Homes for Sale.

Niles West High School District

Niles West High School is in Skokie, IL, and a part of district 219. The highly rated school is located at 5701 Oakton Street. Niles West serves parts of Skokie, Morton Grove, Lincolnwood, and Niles. Most students living in these areas will attend Niles West, except for those north of Dempster Street.

Niles West encourages students to consider their future with a pathway system to its coursework. Students take their graduation requirements like math, English, and science in relation to their career goals. Students choose from one of seven pathways such as Human & Public Services, Information Technology, or Health Sciences & Technology. Once students take their required courses, they can take fun pathway electives like CyberSecurity, Automotive Fundamentals, or Forensic Science!

Future professionals from Niles West can also enjoy themselves with a great selection of athletic teams. Boys teams include baseball, bowling, football, golf, wrestling, and water polo. Girls also have basketball, cross country, dance, water polo, and girls’ wrestling. Coed sports like bass fishing and strength and conditioning are inclusive for everyone!

Even if athletics aren’t in a student’s interest, the pathway system encourages all students to join a club. Natural performers may want to join Debate Club, Chess Club, or Drama Club. Students looking to engage in a hobby and make friends can join Gardening Club, Breakfast Club, or Sci-Fi Club. Start searching for Niles West High School District Homes for Sale.

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