Zack Nkadi
Real Estate Broker
Zack Nkadi
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Zack Nkadi joins Burling Square Group from Sacramento, California with a handful of years spent in Chicago’s suburbs for his high school years. It’s Zack’s extensive experience and insight into remodeling homes to furnishings that ultimately drove him to explore the real estate industry. As a general contractor, often assisting with floor plans and architectural renderings, Zack innately knows if your investment is worthy or not - making his support through a home-buying or flipping process a breeze. Despite this, his apprenticeship with the Navy ROTC at Northwestern University enlighten Zack to the nuances of renting within a budget, thus spurring the culmination of acquiring his leasing license.

When not growing his client roster or supporting a home-build, you can find Zack playing rugby, watching movies, and likely enjoying a big bowl of pho.